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First: Stop shaving. I know, I KNOW! But we need at least 2 weeks worth of hair growth after your last shave to get good waxing results. There must be a minimum of 1/4" growth (1/2" - 3/4" is even better the first time) so the wax can grab that shaved hair and remove it completely. I know, your hair grows faster than anyone else's and there's NO WAY you can do it. But honestly, you'll be wasting money if you try to get waxed before all the hair is long enough. It will be worth the grow out process, I promise!

Exfoliate. For body waxing: using a mild exfoliant in the shower the day of your service will remove dead skin and body oils from the surface of the hair and follicle and allow the wax to work more efficiently. Here's a tip.. there's no reason to spend more than a dollar on this product. Baking soda is a most excellent exfoliant for your skin. Head to toe!

Hydrate. Make sure you drink plenty of water so that your skin is nice and hydrated. This allows the hair to release easier. However, please do NOT use body lotions or oils in the area to be waxed on the day of your service.

Pain Management:Consider an anti-inflammatory like Advil or Aleve 30 minutes before your appointment. While most people find waxing is far less painful than they thought, and very tolerable, the first time is always the hardest. 

Waxing and Contraindications:

There are certain medications commonly used topically and orally that may be contraindicated for waxing. Severe irritation or even damage to the skin could result. If you are using Accutane, I am sorry, I will not be able to wax any area of your body for up to one year after you finish the treatment cycle.

Those using other topical medications from a Dr, or any medications containing hydrocortizone, should be prepared to discontinue use for one week prior to your waxing service. Other medications that may possibly interfere with getting waxed include (but not limited to) blood thinners, high blood pressure medications, steroids, anti-depressants, any medications used topically or orally for skin conditions. If you have a question about any medication you are using, please feel free to call. I'm happy to answer any and all questions.

If you are experiencing a rash, irritation, a wound or recent surgery on or within a few inches of the area to be waxed you will need to wait until that issue has resolved. In some cases you may need to have a dr confirm the area is safe to wax. Again, please read the above paragraph if you are using topical medications.

Don't be afraid to ask questions. I've heard and answered them all! I'm here for you and to make you feel comfortable so if you have a question, please ask!



Comfort: Wear loose clothing for the rest of the day after your service. Tight clothing may irritate freshly waxed skin especially in the bikini area.

Ask: If you have ANY concerns or questions after your wax PLEASE do not hesitate to call me. Slight redness and/or bumpy skin is totally normal immediately after the procedure and for some extremely sensitive people this can last up to 24-36 hours after a wax. And definitely call me BEFORE you decide to start spreading all kinds of soothing creams or medications on the freshly waxed area. Let me help you find the right product for your specific concern. 

Refrain: It is highly recommended that you not exercise, engage in sexual activity, use hot tubs or spas, or participate in any other activities that will expose the area to sweat and/or bacteria for up to 36 hours after waxing. During this time your skin may be more susceptible to irritation, breakouts or bacterial infection. While this is rare it is a possibility so you want to be mindful of your vulnerable skin. Everyone is different, some clients are able to workout a few hours later with no problem, some are not. Use your best judgement.

Exfoliate: Continue to exfoliate the waxed area several times a week and then again on the day of your next appointment. Exfoliation will help prevent ingrown hairs but only if you are consistent!

  Kelly Kizer Dallas Waxpert

9540 Garland Rd Suite 294 Room #5

Dallas, Tx 75218


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